2.1 The enactment of the Intestate Succession can be applied to the following circumstances:

  • The ancestor hasn’t made a will or had abolished his/her will with reasonableness before his/her death;
  • The will is invalid;
  • The will is partly invalid. In this case, except that the inheritance has been distributed under the availability of the will, the remaining part undistributed shall comply with the rules of the Intestate Succession;
  • If the will only concern part of the inheritance, the remaining part unconcerned shall comply with the rules of the Intestate Succession.

2.2 The main issues relating to the Intestate Succession include:

  • how to determinate the range of successors;
  • how to determinate the order of succession;
  • how to determinate the share or successors.
2.3 Detailed information relating to the Intestate Succession is as following:

A. How to Determinate Range of Successors

B. How to Determinate the Order of Succession and the Share of Successors



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